Not your same old, same old...

The Porcupine Collective is not here to do the same old, same old...

Our revolutionary approach to career planning for young people combines the latest advances in positive psychology, strengths-science and psychometric research with modern and effective career coaching techniques to deliver highly accurate careers guidance based on the development and maximisation of individual strengths, passions, values and skills.

Character, not credentials

Exam results play a role in career progression, but they should not be the primary driver.  The Porcupine Collective shifts the focus away from jobs matched to academic performance and back towards the inherent strengths, skills, values and passions that exist within all young people; which make them highly employable and incredibly successful in the right career.  The most important aspect of the Porcupine Programme is building confidence in individual character and talent creating a fit-for-purpose plan for the future that is aligned to the specific strengths (not results) a young person has to offer the modern world. 

No token gesture

The Porcupine Collective loves the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks for good career guidance, but to us, they are not a simple tick-box exercise to satisfy measurable targets. The Porcupine Collective is clear that our measure of success is linked to the well-being, mindset and aspiration of young people who are able to envision and take action towards a secure, hopeful and positive future.  We engage young people in conversations about their fears and self-perceptions, helping them to re-build their confidence and self-belief in their own strengths, abilities and potential. 


The Porcupine Collective does not deliver lectures, excursions, group talks or mass careers conventions.  Instead, we focus on the individual, uncovering and celebrating each young person’s personal potential, and use that information to create relevant opportunities that set them up for future fulfilment and success.

Our motto is: If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

Different horses for different courses

We work on the basis that every young person is unique, therefore 'off-the-shelf' career's advice will not suffice.  Whilst further education may suit some young people, it is not the only route to successful employment. We seek to understand who our young people are and what they stand for - which dictates our tailored plan.  

We celebrate individuality and originality, focusing on the early identification of talent. Our mission is to find, motivate and develop future game-changers, entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders - and cultivate the skills of young people who have dreams of success in whatever career suits, be it unconventional, non-traditional or otherwise. 

Our motto here is:  Be yourself, everyone else is taken.  


The extent to which something is done, is largely determined by how much someone cares. To put it bluntly, we care.  We care about doing this right and gaining meaningful outcomes that change the course of young people's lives.  We are not a profit-making business.  We are people who truly believe this programme is needed for the thousands of young people in the UK who are following a path 'just because'...

In our view, 'just because'  is a low bar to set for our successive generations.  They are our future and their success and well-being is our responsibility and legacy. 

The Porcupine Collective bench mark for careers guidance is much more ambitious: We want young people to achieve outstanding results doing what they love the most.  We want them to be the change we want to see in the world.