"Each person's greatest room for growth is in the area of their greatest strength"

At the heart of our Alternative CV is the theory of strengths-based science: a term that describes the transformational process of identifying natural talents and building them into strengths to achieve mastery and peak performance.


In short, strengths science answers questions about what’s right with people.

We shift our focus away from weaknesses to concentrate on the unique patterns and intricate details of a person's strengths - for this is the greatest area for growth.

Grounded in over 40 years of international research involving over 2 million participants, the strengths assessment tool we use is now adopted by over 19 million people worldwide. It introduces 34 dominant 'strengths' with thousands of possible combinations and reveals how they can best be translated into personal and career success. 

Individuals are guided to undertake a web-based assessment which analyses their instinctive reactions to questions relating to;

  • How they absorb, think about and analyse information and situations
  • How they make things happen
  • How they influence others
  • How they build and nurture strong relationships

Their spontaneous reactive answers imply distinct patterns of behaviour which provide the clearest insight into their natural talents. These most dominant patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving are then reflected back in the form of five greatest areas for real strength.  

The bonus 'Careers Insights Guide' hones in on these signature strengths and shows people how to leverage them to aide their own personal development - in work, and in life. 


'Talent is any recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behaviour that can be productively applied.  Thus, if you are instinctively inquisitive, this is a talent.  If you are competitive, this is a talent. If you are charming, this is a talent.  if you are persistent, this is a talent.  If you are responsible, this is a talent.' 

- Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton Ph.D, Authors of Now, Discover your Strengths