"When love and skill work together - expect a masterpiece!"

Outside a person’s natural talents, they also have a swathe of skills that they have learned and mastered through repetition. Often, these are not recognised as skills because they are picked up and used intuitively. 

For example, a young carer who tends tentatively to the needs of others may not recognise caring, patience and empathy as skills.

Equally, a person might be an amazing listener, a brilliant storyteller, a ninja coder, a master of conflict resolution, a talented writer, an ideas machine, an incredible organiser, an expert of animals or a sensational cook.

Whatever their skills, and however hidden they may be from view, the Alternative CV will uncover and identify the skills an individual possesses and loves using the most – the ones they gravitate towards and that give them the greatest feel-good factor. 

By honing in on what they do best and most naturally, we not only ensure that each person capitalises on their abilities and experiences to date, but that they consciously connect to their skill set, which encourages continued practice and a move towards mastery. 

Our aim is to make individuals skilled at using their skills, while helping them confidently and competently communicate and showcase their unique abilities, and understand how their skills can inform their future career path.