Our Alternative CV has Positive Psychology embedded at its core.

What does this mean?

In a nutshell, it means that we focus on  a person's strengths instead of their weaknesses. We aren’t concerned with what is wrong, when their greatest growth, well-being and life satisfaction will come from zoning in on what is right. 

Our Alternative CV builds on a person’s character, values, talents, skills and passions and uses this intelligence to help embed self-esteem, self-confidence and hope for a brighter future. We find out what makes their life most worth living, and we apply this to help direct their future career path, before actively setting them on it with our bonus 'Careers Insights Guide'. 

Our methods draw on positive psychology tools and techniques from masters like Carl Gustav Jung, Myers Briggs, Donald Clifton and Byron Katie to help people better understand who they are, why they do things the way they do, and what gifts they bring to the world.  

Every step of the Alternative CV is designed to uplift and inspire each person, slowly generating a sense of pride, self-belief and optimism in themselves and their future prospects. 

Injecting self-worth, self-trust and a renewed sense of dignity creates hope and a willingness to try, which can deliver serious shifts and positive outcomes across a person’s broad life spectrum – whether in education, career, relationships or family life. 

Our approach beautifully exposes the 'authentic self' and builds a sense of strong personal identity and autonomy, leading to more meaningful connections and greater success in the life areas that really matter.