When you know your 'WHY', you know your 'how'

WHY do we do what we do?

Our story is inspired by a brave young 14-year old girl, Jess (not her real name), with high functioning Aspergers who simply did not thrive in the traditional education system. 

Processing difficulties meant that she struggled to cope with exam pressures, even though she was gifted in so many ways. Eventually Jess believed she was a failure and gave up trying. 

Her parents removed Jess from school to continue her education at home. They sought the help of a life coach to rebuild their daughter's confidence and focused on developing her natural talents. As each day passed, Jess maximised her strengths and values, believing in her natural ability, and set achievable goals to move her closer to her ideal career. 

Today, Jess is healthy, happy and highly motivated. She no longer feels a failure and is well on her way to achieving her dream life as a freelance illustrator. 

Jess proved that her potential was always there, within her. She just needed time, patience and some gentle encouragement to bring her natural talents to the fore. 

Which leads us nicely to our own 'why'...

The Porcupine Collective was launched in 2018 for all the 'Jess's' in our education system who, for whatever reason, are struggling to flourish and achieve their full potential.

We believe every young person should be able to stay in school (if that is their choice) and receive the guidance, support and encouragement they need to find their place in this world. 

We seek to discover the natural talents that exist within our society, and maximise the strengths and gifts that are un-measurable by today's league tables. We celebrate all skills and empower young people to strive further, reach higher and dig deeper to secure the future they are worthy, capable and deserving of living.