The Porcupine Symbolism and Meaning

How did we choose our Porcupine name?


The porcupine is a great protector - a ‘warrior for the vulnerable’.  

With his thousands of quills, the porcupine is the preeminent symbol of self-preservation, reminding us that it is okay to be ourselves, and trust that it is safe to be who we truly are.

As a born survivor, the porcupine has everything he needs to protect himself. When life casts him upon turbulent waters, the porcupine’s air-filled quills keep him afloat, meaning that he can survive even the wildest of storms. His stoic calm proves invaluable during times of adversity and stress. 

In some cultures, the porcupine spirit appears when you find yourself at a very important crossroads. He will walk with you in new situations; create new paths and protect your values; particularly when you feel apprehensive and vulnerable. 

He is a guardian through uncertainty, an ally in life and a trusting and protective friend. 

The porcupine is generally good-natured and has a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. He represents humility, trust, honesty, joyfulness and kindness. He has the aspiration to move mountains and the bravery to try.


The Porcupine Collective embodies the spirit of the porcupine by harnessing and cultivating natural talent and empowering individuals to feel confident in their own unique abilities despite the difficulties they may be enduring.  

At times of uncertainty and vulnerability, we aim to bring clarity and sharp focus, centering on the intrinsic strength within them to 'weather their own storms' and 'stay afloat during turbulent waters' to continue on their own chosen path.  

We believe every person has the courage and skills to move their own mountains and we aim to champion and guide them on their way.