• We seek to accelerate social mobility for individuals from vulnerable groups* by helping them discover, cultivate and utilise their intrinsic character strengths and talents so that they can achieve optimal personal performance, satisfaction and reward - at work and in life. 

  • We foster a greater sense of responsibility and a deeper commitment to personal advancement by aligning character strengths, passions, skills and values with career ideas based on who a person really is, what they naturally excel at, what they are interested in and what they really care about.

  • We work to increase the aspirations, trajectory and social standing of individuals by encouraging a shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset; working on the principle that anyone can change their circumstances if they truly want to, just by celebrating all the things that are right, rather dwelling on all that is wrong. 

  • Our vision is to inspire a character revolution whereby everyone's talents and skills are utilised and celebrated in society (not just those who succeed in learning in a certain way). We aim to make it easier for business leaders to recruit the right character strengths and abilities for the right role by unlocking untapped talent within underserved populations. 




  • We use a powerful framework of social science (celebrated by neuroscientists promoting the correlation between a growth mindset and the development of executive functions in the brain) to connect with ‘who a person truly is and what they are capable of’. We champion character strengths and abilities that train, challenge, enhance and support executive functioning, which are proven to have lasting benefits on health and wellbeing.

  • We aim to prevent negative self-expectations becoming self-fulfilling prophecies by putting individuals back in charge of their choices and instilling self-belief and a connection to their own purpose, ability and potential.   

  • Drawing on 20-years of research into the causes of long-term depression and self-limiting beliefs, our programme is designed to improve mental wellbeing by empowering beneficiaries with;  

  • A sense of purpose
  • Pride, status and respect
  • Confidence and competence
  • A sense of connectedness
  • Self-worth and authenticity
  • Hope for a secure future




  • Drawing on the science of character-strength development, grounded in over 40 years of research, our programme applies innovative techniques to deliver a clear steer on careers that utilise an individual’s best qualities in the area of their greatest strengths, enabling them to compete fairly in a global market based on their own personal merit.   

  • We offer an alternative method of self-promotion for individuals with poor educational achievement, a lack of traditional qualifications and/or conventional work experience so that they can reach their full potential alongside peers with traditional credentials. 

  • We seek to address social justice and income inequality by reversing the psychology of ‘work’ and ending the cycle of low-pay/no-pay/in-work poverty by connecting people with self-limiting beliefs to meaningful work that utilises their natural talents and passions, enabling them to be the best versions of themselves. 

  • We challenge the concept that low educational achievement should equate to low-paid unfulfilling work. We believe character and strengths education is as important as standard education in the workplace – with each having equal value in society. We campaign for more vocational, practical and entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals whose talents extend beyond traditional school subjects.




  • We champion character and talent-led recruitment and career planning. Using leading-edge social science and strength-science formulas, we seek to increase personal and economic growth by aligning core individual values and strengths with identified business needs. 

  • We believe the greatest room for personal growth is the area of a person’s greatest strengths - with character being an individuals’ most valuable asset. We know, ‘when what you love, becomes what you do, everyone in society benefits from who you are and what you have to offer’.

  • When individuals work in a position that enables them to practice and cultivate their strengths, they are scientifically more likely to operate at peak performance, thus increasing productivity and prosperity for individuals and commerce. 

  • We help businesses identify the character strengths and talents of their best employees, so that they can actively recruit individuals with similar character qualities.