How do we know we are good at what we do?



The Porcupine Collective takes evaluation seriously as it is the only way to measure our effectiveness and impact.

We evaluate our effectiveness and value through well-planned and carefully executed formative and summative methods;

  1. We measure young people's perception of their potential, optimism, self-belief and hope before and after the programme

  2. We measure young people's confidence to achieve a successful career doing what they love the most, before and after the programme

  3. We compare this data to young people who have not participated in the programme

  4. We measure young people's productivity, engagement, focus and mindset through schools, parents and carers, before and after the programme

  5. We follow young people's journey from education to employment for those who progress through our Career Readiness Programme

  6. We assess the predicted and unpredicted impacts of the programme

  7. We use this information to assess and adapt our activities to ensure they are as effective as they can be, identifying areas for improvement and refining our programme design and implementation as necessary

  8. We communicate our programme's impact to others to boost knowledge, and attract and retain support from current and potential stakeholders and funders