'An inch of action in the right direction is worth more than a mile of intention'


The Porcupine Collective is committed to turning plans on paper into actions that can be observed. To feel connected and hopeful, we know it is important for young people to believe in the possibility, which can only be achieved when they witness tangible action. 

With utter certainty, our coaching programme will rule out, and rule in, specific careers based on the unique, strengths, skills, values and passions of young people, which forms the vital foundation to their ideal career - however, it is what follows, that makes the difference between intention and action.

In the final part the Porcupine Programme, our Director of Talent  analyses all of the discoveries and learning from the programme with each young person, using the outcomes to inform an 'Alternative CV' and 'Careers Insight Guide'. 

This forms the basis of the valuable work undertaken as part of the Career Readiness Programme, which aims to facilitate opportunities to edge the young person closer to their ideal career.  Opportunities are specific to the young person's own goals and give them a sense that life is moving in the right direction. 

From opportunities to gain work experience, to interviews and meetings, to charity applications for additional support or the purchase of learning aids -  the purpose is explicit - each action nudges them ever-closer to their ideal career. It's a kick start to give them the very best chance of success by helping to strategically and skilfully place the right stepping stones in their path, limiting the likelihood of them losing sight of the destination or giving up.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet and we pride ourselves on undertaking, and creating, both. 

How does the Porcupine Collective help businesses and communities?


Our view is, experience and qualifications count for nothing if your heart is not in it. You can study and gain knowledge in all manner of subjects, but it is not a guarantee that it will lead to happiness or outstanding performance.  It is only when we truly love what we do, that we dedicate our lives to it.  It is only when we maximise our natural strengths and talents that we routinely achieve peak performance as a matter of course.  


For the benefit of our economy and future prosperity, we believe it is time to place more importance on natural ability and character.  Knowledge can be learned, but passion cannot be taught. We believe natural passion and intrinsic strengths have a value we can ill afford to lose. 


For this reason, the Porcupine Collective has devised an innovative support programme for businesses to assist with the implementation of a strengths-based, value-led recruitment process founded on the latest advances in strengths-science and psychometric research to increase performance and productivity across all day-to-day operational business functions. 


If you are a business or community project that continues to experience staffing problems, why not get in touch and arrange a meeting to view our strengths-based recruitment and interview tools.  Let us help you talent match the strengths you need to reach optimal performance, with young people who have the natural born talent to help you achieve it.

Do you think you could give a child a chance?

We are always looking for funders, businesses, tradespeople, community groups and entrepreneurs who are willing to offer an opportunity to a young person who simply needs a chance.

Can you help?