“Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”


Helping young people identify what makes them happy, laugh and feel good, and encouraging them to engage in more of those things can make a positive difference to well-being and long-term engagement. 

Passions – whether activities, topics, ideas or causes - are the reason we wake up in the morning.  They can fuel excitement, focus or a quiet feeling of satisfaction.  Either way, just the thought of them can sustain a young person through tough times. 

Helping young people discover what they love most is an adventure in itself. 

We use a variety of tools and techniques to bring to the surface anything they have a compelling enthusiasm for, and consider how these passions might integrate or inform their career path. 

Aside from making their life feel generally better when they engage in them, passions are a really important part of the career-defining mix because they create unparalleled motivation and focus. A young person is much more likely to give a career path their all and make a success of it if they have a natural passion for the subject matter, activity or cause in hand. 

Those who identify their passions and integrate them into their work report much higher levels of engagement and happiness, therefore, our goal is to help young people answer the question ‘What do I love?’, claim it, make time for it and consider what role it might play in their ideal career choice.  

Amazing things happen when young people actively indulge their passions and it’s a joy to watch!