The Porcupine Collective

Embracing ability and talent in every person

so the whole world benefits


What is the Porcupine collective?


The Porcupine Collective is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which exists to level the playing field of opportunity for individuals vulnerable to poor social mobility and low academic achievement by harnessing inherent talent and focusing on ‘who we are’ rather than our credentials (or absence of). 

We exist for the 52% of disadvantaged youth who leave school without GCSE's in the UK, and individuals who, for whatever reason, are held back from achieving their full potential through a lack of support, traditional qualifications or work experience. We transcend above deprecatory labels and perceived shortcomings to celebrate character strengths and values, and the vital role they play in society. 

The Porcupine Collective CIC believes that everybody has something incredible to offer this world when they feel worthy, valued, connected and hopeful of a secure future. We believe the greatest room for personal growth is the area of a person’s greatest strengths - with character being our most valuable asset. We know, ‘when what you love, becomes what you do, everyone in society benefits from who you are and what you have to offer’. 

Applying positive psychology and strength-based science, grounded in more than 40-years of academic research, we guide individuals to change their circumstances just by maximising what they already have within them.  We achieve this by identify natural talents and guiding them into strengths to achieve mastery and peak performance in life and work. 

We seek to reverse the psychology of ‘work’ by placing individuals back in charge of their choices and instilling self-belief and a connection to their own purpose, ability and potential.  We empower individuals to strive further, reach higher and dig deeper to secure the future they are worthy, capable and deserving of living. 


"Don't ask the what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that...Because what the world really needs is people who have come alive!"

- Philosopher, Howard W Thur