The Porcupine Collective

Levelling the playing field of opportunity for those vulnerable to poor academic achievement and social mobility 


What is the Porcupine collective?

The Porcupine Collective is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which exists to drive forward a collective tripartite model of career readiness - bringing together young people, educators and employers in a strengths-based, value-led immersive programme of empowerment and advancement.  We challenge traditional careers planning by bringing a fresh, innovative and personal approach based on individual character, talent, passions and skills, not credentials. 

Our progressive and intelligent Porcupine Programme is designed specifically for young people who are failing to thrive in mainstream education. From those who feel disillusioned with the curriculum or school culture to those struggling with additional challenges or exam stress.   We focus our efforts with young people who lack hope, opportunity, ambition and/or self-worth, and inject clarity and sharp focus for those who are still unsure of who they are and what they want to be.


Through one-to-one coaching methods, grounded in more than 40-years of research in positive psychology and strength science, we take young people on a journey of self-discovery, using a series of exploratory, creative and deep-dive exercises to help them discover the intrinsic strengths, values, interests and skills that motivate and captivate them.  Using these findings, together we define their ideal career and develop a realistic and practical action plan and 'living CV' to help them achieve it.  

Our mission is to ensure young people feel worthy, valued and able to celebrate and communicate their own unique strengths and skills regardless of their academic ability or personal background.  We believe every young person has something incredible to offer this world and make it our purpose to help them discover, harness and build upon their natural talent to benefit society and the world at large.


The Porcupine Collective ensures no talent is dismissed by skilfully and sensitively helping young people tackle issues of low self-worth, self-confidence and hopelessness.  To instil a sense of control and enhanced confidence in their future prospects, we show young people how to maximise their strengths, skills and character whilst confronting and dissolving limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. 

Quite simply, we give young people the greatest chance of long-term success by letting ‘what they love become what they do’ . 

What's your reason for being?


"Don't ask the what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that...Because what the world really needs is people who have come alive!"

- Philosopher, Howard W Thurman




We coach young people on a one-to-one basis through our immersive Young People's Porcupine Programme to identify, maximise and develop their natural strengths, values, passions and skills



Through our Education Programme we work with schools and colleges to ensure that positive psychology and strengths-science is understood and embedded into young people's learning opportunities



We work with the business community to embed our strengths-based, value-led Career Readiness Programme into the modern workplace by matching natural talent with work opportunities to achieve outstanding performance




Our innovative tripartite strengths-based, value-led approach to career planning focuses on the early identification and development of natural talent and character, and matches it perfectly with work opportunities

 to achieve outstanding performance